Wednesday, December 22

Material Wishes: Nicky

The other day I sent a note out to a few friends and asked what they would love to get for Christmas this year. Unfortunately I did not happen to win the lottery (I’m still holding out for this) and I am not planning on playing the roll of Mr. Clause this year... so then why bother asking?

I have to digress for a moment and admit that I did not make a “list” this year.
Seriously, sorry mom.

That being said, I am completely and utterly fascinated by my friends; old ones, new ones, ones I haven’t seen in years, and ones who I only see once a year. I strongly believe that the people who you choose to surround yourself with can have a significant impact on who you are- and yes I am including person style in this sweeping statement. They have all rubbed off on my in some way, wether it's been through sheer osmosis or from creeping their personal blogs I am me because of them. Today I am highlighting my good friend Nicky’s material wishes- this girl only likes the best.

Just to recap, if you are buying for her this year...

Jeffrey Campbell Wishlist boots
Mason Pearson Detangler Brush
Voluspa Candle in Santiago Huckleberry
Khiel's honey whipped body butter
Philips Wake Up Light Ipod Dock
Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb perfume
MARC by Marc Jacobs Classic Natasha Crossbody in black

Though if you asked me, I would get her this..

Expect a few more of these over the next couple of days..