Thursday, December 2

The extinction of deep thinking & sacred space

I found an article this morning written by @scottbelsky, I think you should read it. 

It is speaking to creatives but is applicable to anyone who owns a phone that can fit in their pocket or purse, and a laptop and/or desktop in their home. I think that the desire to constantly be connected and in tune with everyone else's business has already tainted us as a generation, and I am extremely interested to see its long term effects on us as a society. 

Take the 8 minutes it will take to read this article and do just that, read it. It is not going to change your life, but hopefully it will make you think (at least a bit). 

Here is a quick pull from the article, or click here to see this whole thing

"It is now possible to always feel loved and cared for, thanks to the efficiency of our “comment walls” on Facebook and seamless connection with everyone we've ever known. Your confidence and self-esteem can quickly be reassured by checking your number of “followers” on Twitter or the number of “likes” garnered by your photographs and blog posts. The traction you are getting in your projects, or with your business, can now be measured and reported in real time.


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