Sunday, November 7

Ottawa 2011 Food & Wine Show

On Friday afternoon my work headed over to the Ottawa food and wine show. I have heard some mixed reviews between those who attended Friday night, and those who went over on Saturday... it seems as though Friday was the better day to be there. We luckily didn't get stuck in any lines what so ever and had a fantastic time. 

Now for my coles notes on the event:

1. Tag vodka. It was honestly pretty darn good and personally I am not a huge vodka fan. "It's better then Grey Goose" was the consensus of the night at least from the group I was with-- it is sold at a pretty good price point.  

2. The Wakefield Mill.  So ridiculously good-- it has been added to the list of restaurants I want to visit. You will find some shots of the bison tartare (so delicious) and the chocolates they were serving below.

3. The tickets this year were huge! It was not really all that fun walking around with huge sheets of tickets. I mean, things could have been worse but just a thought for next year (that or I need to remember a big purse). 

4. Go early. I am so glad that we went on Friday before the crowds. There was elbow room and I didn't need to stand in the coat check line for 45 minutes as many others had to that went later.

Below are a handful of photos from the event, you can expect a more food-centric review of the event from Justin on dedicated to deliciousness later on this week. For now some random camera/mobile shots more of which will be posted to the bv02 flickr stream later this week as well. 

Massive vendor tickets. 
Tag Vodka, worth checking out. 
Paparazzi shots... Matt, myself and Phil.
Lots of vino. 

Tang, myself, Dan and Justin. 
I can't wait to go check this place out.
Robyn's treat from The Wakefield Mill
Justin and Georgia, please note the awkward ticket holding. 
Bison Tartare from The Wakefield Mill.   
Work crew, Matt, Andrew and Tang. 

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