Tuesday, November 16

Hooray for Boobies-- come support a great event!

It is about that time! (... and no unlike the rest of society I am not talking about Christmas.)

You are invited to attend a soirée this Thursday, November 18, at Slaysh. This is by no means your typical stuffy fundraiser-- I mean please, we all know you have better things to do on a Thursday night then sip small cocktails and laugh pleasantly at terrible jokes. There is a reason this event is titled "hooray for boobies". 

 Make this a stop off before your night adventures, your karma will thank you.  

Come out and support the cause with an evening of music from DJ Matt Tamblyn, drinks, booby cupcakes, booby truffles and of course a silent auction. Oh- and there will also be tons of giveaways from Slaysh, Studio-B, Lifetime, and Nikita. 


Yes, that is right. Free swag.

There will be prizes given away every half hour throughout the event. The only way to be eligible is to be in store. There are literally hundreds of dollars worth of prizes from:
- Studio-b Hair
- Slaysh 

There will be a draw for a $100 gift certificate for Slaysh at the end of the night. To be eligible, all you need to do is a) bid on a piece of art and b) … nope that’s it. The winner of the $100 gift certificate does not have to be in the store when their name is chosen. The winner will be contacted and announced on the Slaysh Facebook Page

There have been awesome artists involved in the creation of this booby art; TJ Schneider

Ian Hart, Niall McClelland,  Elton Clemente, Tami Noa Levy, and tattoo artist David Glantz  ( just to name a few). Please note that the above photos are only a few of the pieces that will be fighting for your bids!

Drop by, check out some boobies, and help support this great cause all the while getting your swag on. (It is on a Thursday night after all).