Saturday, August 14

new bling

I have acquire two new pieces of jewellery in the past 24 hours, and they are both little um... different but I love them. First up we have an 18k gold plated Obey horse ring, yes that is right.

obey 'en gallop' ring.

Well it is what I said- gold, a horse, a ring and I'll add tacky into the mix just for fun. I have my whole deep routed love with the equestrian world which makes this ring even that much better to me. 

uranium feather earring.

I was informed that this feather is 10 inch long. To be completely honest I was a little weary at first to wear these guys... obnoxious is indeed a word that comes to mind; that being said, now that I have I have to admit I completely love them. They are fantastic on, admittedly a little out there, but I'm okay with that.