Monday, August 23

Blog Introduction: Romance the Sea.

There is something to be said about a guy who can have his way with words. This is incredibly well written and makes me want to start taking the time and actually put pen to paper (or fingers to a key board) once again. 

Take a read through, it's beautiful and worth the 5 minutes that it will take to do so.  You can continue to the full article and Seamus' blog by clicking continue at the end of this post.


She presented herself unannounced, and took me by surprise.

I had been waiting for her, and still she managed to bewilder me.
The truth is I was desperate for her.
I had been waiting for this moment for months; long, hot, summer months drenched in the type of haze and humidity caused by longing and desire. I had been longing for and desiring her for so long I struggled to maintain composure before her now.
We had a history. I first tasted her when I was barely 18 and have been helpless since. There had been affairs in exotic locales across the globe. Staying out late in her arms and sneaking out early to see her whenever she called had left victims. Commitment to family, education, work and lovers all faltered under her undeniable spell.
I would do anything to have her, a fact she knew all too well, mercilessly taking me for all my worth.
She was dangerous. She had the power to erode landscapes, alter climates, float dreams and destroy them with the depth of her passion.
Her mood was unpredictable. There were moments when she became approachable, and these were the moments I lived for. Even when she would have me, there was no telling how long it would last. Our affairs had lasted minutes, hours, weeks and the longest, a month. Each one was drastically different and according to her insatiable temperament. History should have taught me lessons, but she always left me craving her caress once more. This time was no different.
I was standing before her on the beach. The sun had set. Anyone who was around had gone home to supper with loved ones or loneliness without. There was nobody but us.

Seamus' blog is called Romance the Sea and will now live in my blog roll on the left hand column of this blog. Be sure to check it out. 

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