Thursday, July 22

where is your mom?

Alright how old is she... 16? 17? Don't get me wrong I like the long blonde locks, the grunge (though personally vintage lingerie really doesn't scream appropriate day-to-day attire), and even the free spirit (though she could really lighten-up the raccoon eyes)... but come on! Just for fun, if you haven't seen her new music video here is a link to it. I'm sorry I can't even post it on here because I think it is just that ridiculous. Her voice isn't all that bad but if someone could please explain to my why she's crawling around under a table I'd greatly appreciate it. Pretty Reckless indeed.

I digress back to the over arching point of this post. Sweetie, you look ridiculous. 
No one can pull off a pack of smokes like that. 
No one. 

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