Tuesday, July 6

my iPhone's weekend in review.

sweet watch, 

Nicky's mom is the cutest.

Canada Day missions. blah. 

our 10 minute stop at a  Canada Day kegger... what up grade 11?

venture back downtown, sup Ottawa?

time for a random post canada day car trip

we were far to excited about the rabbit food snacks we found.

this country house reminded me of entourage. whose back patio looks like that. 
I am still in love... oh infinity pool and the fairly average wakeboard/wake surf boat... 
all in all a solid random afternoon activity with the boys

finished up with a poutine pit stop on the way home.


can anyone really tell me they are shocked that Nicky's car ran out of gas pre yoga? 
nop? no one? just crickets. 


sushi 88 followed up with a coffee from a shop that had this menu- PBR up top, obvi. 

happy birthday vanessa... pool day to close up the weekend, I can dig. 

long day in the sun,  Nicky's black.



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