Monday, June 28

Two new bloggers.

... so here are the newest editions to the ol' blog roll.

First up with have Amanda.

She lives at and is in fact the very same Amanda that made those amazing little hamburger cupcakes that I wrote about a few weeks ago.

To keep this short Amanda is a fantastic cook, has an incredible sense of style, she's into saving the environment... I think (she's in environmental engineering), she sounds English but is definitely French (ask her to say tortoise), and to top it all off she's artistic. Oh. She is also gorgeous, nbd.

Go check out her blog.

Next up is Ayrton.
(Umm.. say "Aaron", now add a "t" to the middle of it.. there ya go).

You can find his blog over at He's opinionated, fashionable, and has been rumored to be a spy working for some foreign government- think a young James Bond who seems to be consistently studying for finance credentials.

If that makes absolutely no sense to you don't worry about it, just go check out his blog instead.

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