Sunday, June 6

summer shwag for the men.

Okay, okay... I mean boys.

No girl has ever hated on a guy who can dress well... well, I guess unless she can't in which case who cares. (ha- terrible, I know). So my  posts concerning themselves with guys fashion are few and far between... but I am working on it. Cut me some slack, it is summer and speaking of which here are a few items perfect for patio-party-chillen'. 

 Pretty big fan. 

Bally                                                                                                        The Gap

Urban Outfitters                                                                                                Common                                                                                                    

SALT Optics                                                                 Jack Spade

Levi's for Opening Ceremony                                                          Banana Republic

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  1. what SALT model is that? i cant seem to find that pair on the website