Wednesday, June 16

lil' Wednesday morning insipration: 5 inch and up

I love this girls style, so much.

She is much bolder then I am in terms of her dress but I can still respect it. She's got a ton of followers, been published for her blog/street style, and has amazing hair (I am still willing mine to grow faster, so far it's slacking).  Though there are multiple reasons I like each of these photos/outfits I have selected,  I will keep it short and sweet- 1 highlight each.

Alright, I should not even have to point this out but her hair, and those boots. Yum.

Um... hello blue bird nails, and those rings! (Okay, perhaps two highlights per image. I lied.)
Also as a side note: I wish my Starbucks' patio had that backdrop.

This dress, oohhmygoodness. 
I think both the female and male readers will agree.

Again... her hair.

1 comment:

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