Thursday, June 3

Justin's Eventful Night

Alright so here is a quick rendition of what happened last night with Justin... if you know you maybe find this relevant.. everyone keeps asking me so here is what happened. It's pretty lame. 

BVI Yacht Guide is a publication that is run... well obviously in the bvi's- here is their recap: 

So, last night, a dude with dreads boarded British Virgin Islands Sailing Team's coach Justin da Silva's boat and stole his iphone and a watch and a knife that his grandfather gave him. Keep an eye out for a rasta driving a grey Diahatsu hatchback talking on an iphone with a fancy watch on. Police have been informed... 

Now for Justin's recap:

Someone came on my boat early this morning when I was asleep in the main salon, and stole my iphone, yachtsmen knife, an old rolex watch... and a bottle of rum! Woke up just as he was leaving, saw him at the hatch but didn't know he was actually inside the boat at the time. Be on the look out for a drunk black male, long dreads held up in a black hair wrap, driving a grey diahatsu hatch back, talking on an iphone, with a rolex and a really nice knife.

Moral of the story? Well I am not exactly sure... stealing is bad?

Oh... and r.i.p. Rolex.

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