Wednesday, June 30

how to lug around your DSRL... in style.

With out putting to much thought into it I can think of 3 talented, stylish girls who don't use some pretty impressive pieces of equipment because they don't want to hang onto them (they aren't  exactly dainty little point and shoots)... and well, they don't want to break them. How exactly do you hang onto your DSLR (safely) while out and about on the town? You you should protect you investments no? 

That being said, you should also put them to use once in awhile...

Alright, so fashion and true utility rarely see eye to eye yet here is a piece attempting to do just that. If you keep in mind that this is a camera bag I would have to say that Ona did a pretty bang up job. This bag has been designed to fit a DSLR camera and up to 3 lenses, along with little compartments and pockets (so you can stuff the rest of your life into it too). 

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