Saturday, May 15


generally a post entitled "wants" on any sort of fashion blog is indicative of photographs of over-priced-cant-live-without-and-will-continue-to-lust-for pieces. Because generalities are not something I am overly fond of (though I am without a doubt guilty of said generic want posts) here is my version for this week.

1) Spend time on a personal project.

Not a lot to say about this... time to get it in motion. Time for us to get our acts together, you know who you are.

2) Movie popcorn topped with [insert here] flavour topping. 

Yes it is unhealthy, yes I am sure that made some of you cringe but ketchup and dill pickle flavoured topping has a special little place in my heart. I feel as thought Tuesday night movie night can resolve this desire.

3) Learn how to make, well roll, sushi. 

I am still working on convincing Justin that sushi is delicious. If I am going to want to eat this at home, I figure I should be the one to figure out how to make it. Going to need some lessons from the younger sister for this one.

4) A summer full of outdoor music.

I cannot think of a better way to spend a warm summer's day then laying on the grass at a music festival enjoying some tunes. Last summer has left me hooked on that feeling, if you know of any opportunities to do just this,  fill a girl in.

5) To learn more of the hidden gems of Ottawa.

I lived in Ottawa for 4 years while attending university. I did not even begin to appreciate the city until some friends opened my eyes to the amazing outdoor spaces,  restaurants, and events last summer. It may have taken me 4 and 1/2 years to accept that Ottawa isn't so bad, it has left me hungry to learn more. From the dirty and grungy, to the sophisticated and snobby. I'm interested in it all. I like nothing better then a wide variety of everything in my life.

Though the Sens, and CareltonU Gallery are not exactly hidden gems... I hope you can catch my drift.


  1. Live jazz music at Atomic Rooster on Sunday nights (Bank and Somerset!), anddd Raw Sugar Cafe is awesome.. and I think they do live music on some weekend night too. It's such an eclectic/awesome place to have a hot chocolate!

    Live it up

    - Dylan

  2. out of all the pictures.. just the most flattering one.. but the sushi was delicious