Friday, May 21

The Swell Life... come on Vogue.

Blake I have a girl crush on you, your are gorgeous.
Vogue, I love you dearly... but no. This is the lamest photoshoot I have seen to date.

Reasons why I can't stand this, ya ready?

[ed. note]: alright, by bad. I thought this was another board Chanel branded. Apparently it's actually Channel Island and I need reading glasses.. or to actually wear the ones I currently own. So thank you for this.... cause I love that the internet lets people be kind of unnecessary. Got to love anonymity... though I welcome it seeing as I write a blog.

Regardless... thanks for letting me know! I can go back to thinking Chanel is perfect.

A Chanel surf board? For real? With a dragon and a hurley sticker to top it off? Chanel I love you to death but come on..

Who dresses like that to head to the beach? Though I do dig the whip.
 (I'm currently still laughing that I just typed that word)

"Oh- this old thing? I just threw this on to run to the beach for a quick sess. No biggie."

Does anyone believe Blake is hanging out with the beach bum?
Nothing against beach bums. I am currently, somewhat dating one... but this is ridiculous and this coming from someone who is a big fan of contrasting elements in photography.

Forget the leather beach outfit, check out the dude in the shades in the background. But seriously... leather?

Why would you ever photoshop Blake Lively's cleavage... to be non existent?
(I won't even bother mentioning how terribly obvious of a job they did either...)

She's beautiful, the clothes are beautiful, the location is beautiful...
I just think whoever planned this was smoking something.


  1. Totally agree. This is absurd! Especially the Chanel surfboard . . . unnecessary!

  2. When exactly did Chanel purchase Channel Island Surfboards? Pretty sure they're not the same thing.

  3. Oops. my bad thanks grumpy anonymous person. Chanel has branded them before though:

    good catch

  4. Innocent mistake. Burton purchased channel though if that makes you feel any better.

  5. Just wanted to make sure that one of my fave blogs didn't come across as second rate.

    Grumpy Anonymous Person

  6. Must admit, truthful or otherwise... best possible follow up.
    Hats off.

  7. Hats off to your efforts.

    Grumpy Anonymous Person