Tuesday, April 13

spring/summer 2010 fashion colour trends.

Alright folks, according interfiliere here is our (massive) colour line up for the up coming seasons. 

Pinks, blues, browns seem to rein king with a few wild cards to spice things up. Stylists involved with the viannual colour meeting organised by Eurovet said that we will see these colours used on their own to some degree... but many will been seen as part of either embroidery or used in colourful pop graffiti prints (think inspiration taken from the pop art of the sixties and seventies).

Oh guys- this apparently goes for you too. 

My closet is currently looking a little black, grey, and well studded... I am warming up to the idea of  absorbing some summer romance into my wardrobe (though the black and the studs will not be going anywhere... I am holding out). 

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