Monday, April 19

because sometimes we need a lil' inspiration

it seems there are about a million different takes on looks, styles, and trends this summer; 
I'm a big proponent of this... I have a short attention span and enjoy the array of options. 
here are a few summery babes if your feelin' uninspired,

to be honest, I just love her hair... if only I could convince mine to grow faster.

sunnies and the old dirty t-shirt a-la-tank-top.
steal your bf's, dad's, or start thirfting.. and cutting. maybe ask permission first too, maybe.

this is just cute.

this immediately makes me think on mtl in the summer, I have no rationale as to why. 
oh- and I like her hat.

pink cut-offs? why not. (hat... again... big fan). 

black, studded, and ripped all over, sure. why not?

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