Monday, March 22

weather vent.

I was just talking to Nikky (le new girl. we have a blonde rendition of charlie's angels going on)  at work (between diligently collecting information about mobility/iPhone aps and writing bv02's new site content/ managing accounts, the usual)... about sun dresses, sunglasses, shorts, and hats- you know all those good things that come along with the warm weather.  Then I made a terrible mistake.

No, nothing work related. I am a supreme multitasker. 

No, I thoughtlessly checked out Ottawa's long term weather forecast. Right, it's only March. I love snow and its related board activities as much (if not more) as the next girl; however,  I'm ready for some sun, sandals and lets be honest and pathetic sounding... patio sessions.

Arg. 10cm of snow on Monday.. not that The Weather Network is ever overly accurate. 
Maybe it will actually be 10 degrees.

Who really knows, here is to hoping that "they" do not. 

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