Monday, March 8

keepin' it g.

Mr. Half Cab... i.e Craig McCallion... i.e a lanky ginger joined in on some ski-a-thon (hello bv02 work day) action last friday. An all in all epic day was finished off by nothing other then an ode to the tall-t-stacking, goggle-sag-reppin', jersey-adorning, tight-pants-low-riding, mad gangsta skiiers that were out in full force.

Referring back to his own post, and Halldor Helgason's "how to" video, we jumped on the band wagon  for a park lap before heading in.

For quick reference the key steps outlined (by Helgason and McCallion alike) are below:

1. Bandanna on
2. Hood on
3. Pants low
4. swing arms
5. Land heavy
6. Never finish the 180

I have to close this off with a few of my own thoughts (yea, some of which are a  result of this learning experience.)

1. goggle sag; there may be a direct correlation between diminished visibility and the degree of your gangsterness. a real g doesn't need to see what he is hitting, he just does it.
2. pants low; alright, I ended up with mine around my knees which proves to limit movements more then one would desire.
3. can someone please hook me up with a jersey already?
4. seeing more effort into not finishing a 180 is funnier then seeing someone do it properly.
5. gorilla arms are so hot right now. 

sorry for the ridiculous photo op. 

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