Sunday, March 21

Chatroulette live in concert.

Ben Folds Five- way to use to most ridiculous online website to one of its most entertaining potentials. Alright, so this has been floating around out there for awhile. If you've seen it ahh, congrats, if not you live under a rock and/or spend a healthier amount of time on the computer then the rest of us.

Just a little random information on Chatroulette that until now I have been completely unaware of:
  • Chatroulette was made in "two days, and two nights" by a 17 year old named Andrey Ternovskiy.
  • the website uses Adobe Flash, and the users webcam.
  • an online dating service is now using the site for advertising purposes (how ingenious of them).
  • it got approximately 500 visitors per day when it first started in Nov. 2009
  • in February 2010 the site got a lot of publicity (New York Times, NY Magazine, The Daily Show.. etc)
  • at the beginning on March 2010 the estimated amount of users jumped to 1.5 million (ridiculo
  • kudos to Andrey Ternovskiy.
Anyway, heres the vids from BenFoldsFive little performance - both the concert and his at home(?) renditions. Enjoy.

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