Thursday, February 4

risky business.

Check this out. 

Victoria Secret (whose site I could comb through all day long) has released their new line 2010 Summer line.  Anyone out there looking for a topless bikini? 

Well here you go. I actually dig this more then I should admit. I am  not sure where you would/could rock this around here, but if your feelin' it I'd say go for it. Of course the bathing suit does have a "top"option.

I would like to purchase this whole combination sooner then later. 

Oh what is that, how many bathing suits (especially from VS) are too many? 
I won't even dignify that with a response. 

Heres the suit: 

Oh, yea there is a video for those of you who are interested. Give the pretty girl a click and check it out.

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