Wednesday, February 3

the rgkids.

I am pretty far behind on writing blog posts that contain any sort of linguistic content, and I am falling behind on the blogroll introductions so here I am, crossing two things off my list at once. 
I feel like I should impose some sort of standards (or caution) with this one.

This blog contains a significant amount of the following:

  • flannel on flannel 
  • layering
  • tall tees
  • tight pants
  • snowboarding (okay, and skiing or as tha coop put it: two snowboarders with two skinny ass snowboards on.. freal)

Anyway, I worked with Russell at Slaysh (the ginger one) for a few years, he was actually shorter then I was when I first met him and now he is a solid foot or two taller then I am... I digress- they are cool kids. 

Go check out what they are talking about... edits, photos, music, brownies.. the usual. 
They also have a home over there in the left hand column, if you want to peep later

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