Tuesday, February 9

charity skiathon

Ok guys here's the deal.

The Boys and Girls Club is having a charity skiathon. 
We (bv02) were gracious and built out a site for them.
The site is basically functioning as a source for info and a place for skiers to collected online donations.

bv02 is participating in the skiathon, which means we are each individually(!) raising money.

This... then means I need some help... not that I am competitive at all or anything.. but the partners here know a lot more people then I do. I need to try and step it up.

I hate, hate, hate collecting money. 
I feel terrible about asking people for money so this is my attempt at finding some charitable individuals who can spare some (even a little small bit) of dough to give the Boys and Girls Club a hand.

I know some pretty awesome people that check this out once in awhile, so if you are feeling generous give me a hand.

The skiathon is March 4th to 5th in Tremblant. 

Click right here if you are feeling (awesome) generous and want to give me a hand in raising some money for the kids.

Thanks guys,

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