Thursday, February 18

8 boys on a boat, bvi's this is your warning.

Here is the story, a collective group of my most favourite guy friends are going down to visit Justin tomorrow.

If you are one of them, or know who I am speaking of you will understand the implications of this statement.  Let me give you a bit of background.

Dave, Ayrton, Justin and Ben; these guys were the residences of the lovingly nicknamed Bricktangle. The Bricktangle housed numerous keggers, texas mickey thursdays, texas mickey parties, dinner parties, dance parties, slumber parties, door-breaking-down parties, study parties... you get the picture. It was where a lot of us spent a lot of time during our University days. I would think it is safe to say the Bricktangle had its share of honourary members (and certainly a large extended group of friends). Shane, Dan, Nick, and Dan's friend Warner are a few, and the remaining 4 members of tomorrow's expedition. 

Everyone has gone in different directions sense graduation and some friends have always been in different cities, but Justin has provided an over the top excuse to get everyone back in one spot.

Good luck little islands. I hope you survive. 

Boys here are my notes to you:

1) have a safe flight, this is a given though.
2) try to document portions of the trip, when you are old and gray your kids can see how cool you were.
3) bring back some solid stories.
4) use some sunscreen, Shane chic's don't dig lobsters.
5) grow a beard, need I say more?
6) rum is substantially cheaper then mix, you are all smart guys- do the math.
7) someone keep Charles' chill anxiety in check.
8) Dan, Justin, Dave- you need at least one entry for your cook book.
9) Ayrton don't break the mast when you climb up it to swan dive off it, the rest of you please refer to number 2.
10) don't try to pretend your locals, Justin can fill you in on the details here if need be.
11) someone keep track of how many time Shane uses the words "stoked" and "party". 

Good luck, be safe, you will all return nautical masters of the sea.
Oh- and don't forget your flashlights.



  1. ...thanks for the words of wisdom M. but ouch! We all know my chill anxiety works out for the best after all.

    Stories-a-plenty upon our return.. Yaarrr!

  2. I tease, I tease. I can think of no better reason to stress, be in a rush, or anxious.

  3. Yay!! Awesome post! Stoked on the stokedness for being stoked!