Sunday, January 10

note to self:

no more hair chopping.
it is always regrettable.
the a-symmetrical hair cut was fun for the first month.. and it still has its days.. but I am back to wanting looooong messy locks.

on a completely unrelated note... the airline lost my luggage. this may or may not be fairly devastating. oh sorry- my "luggage has been delayed". I am not sure who coined that term exactly, or who thought that saying it was delayed vs. lost would make their customers feel any better about it... because well I would like to talk to them and let them know it doesn't.

so once my luggage turns up I will post photos, (half of my photos are on a memory card in my luggage! grand), and I will also be much happier about the whole traveling experience.

after a 4 hour train ride this evening I will officially be back to reality- i.e. the -30 freezingness that is Ottawa. oh- but to keep things in the positive it means I will be able to actually start my snowboard season. hoora.



  1. you cut off your gorgeous hair???
    sorry, that probably didn't help...but since i am in the process of growing mine i simply can't imagine why anyone would chop it off.
    however! i would love to see photos...

  2. oh no.. its still long.. photos on facebook from my birthday somewhat denote it..