Wednesday, January 13

Elizabeth and James: je t'aime.

I have blogged about this before, but this is the new Sprint 2010 collection and you should check it out.

I just gave you two opportunities to check out their entire collection, for the rest of the you here are some photos... I apologies that the are 1) screen grabs 2) messy. I had trouble finding them anywhere other then their site.

We will start off with something for the boys. I never forget about you guys- I just don't find enough material. I actually like guys fashion better then girls (well at moments)... I should probably look into it a bit more eh?

This stuff is not for everyone.. but well I wouldn't complain if it was. Please note this is their Spring Collection.
comfy chill denim. enough said.

Because everyone (still) loves the flannel: so why not have some light weight flannel to rock when its too warm for the usually lumber jack threads. Yellow tank, its cool.. not many can pull it off. It is rad though, deal with it.

cozy, tacky- that's it.

shorts.. not to much to say here. like them though.

Ladies... gentlemen... these will remain comment-less.
I love them, actually I love the majority of the collection.
If someone would like to send me these pieces I would be quite the happy girl.

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