Sunday, January 31

casual done incredibly well,

Huge fan of this look, not to mention the space.
I think causal is always done properly when little thought is put into it: i.e not a face full of make up, not some intricate up-do, or pin straight hair. Generally the more effort put into something (I personally believe) the worse it looks... I digress. She looks cute. 
Oh, does anyone know where I can acquire a shirt like this?


  1. I love
    that shirt looks theory'esq. I suggest you hold out until Holts have their summer sale...or, splurge and get one soon.... BR will probably come out with something similar, as will Club... And I agree, this look is fab. HB

  2. very good suggestion.
    I love the splurge.. but I am sure BR and/or Club will have something like this... at least I have my fingers crossed.