Thursday, December 3

things I am liking right now, take two.

These are all fantastic things (well, to me at least) right now. Ahem, christmas.

1) studs: on shoes, boots, gloves, boyfriend jackets, cuffs of peacoat. I don't discriminate.
2) sequins: amazing. I want a vest, I think- they are a little flashy for day to day... but I guess thats the point. Time to stand out.
3) dull: this photo isn't really of anything, the colour is pretty washed out. I love it. not trying is the new trying.
4) Do I even have to say? Fine. Rings, bracelets and nail polish. Black, dark silver, bright nails. Love the contrast.
5) Leather and lace: love this contrast. I must add that I don't think anyone should wear leather shorts. Ever.


  1. At least its not leather pants...

  2. I must admit I have seen leather pants pulled off, once.. but shorts? thats just asking or bad things.