Monday, December 21

story of procrastination.

When it comes to work related, or even friend-related deadlines, I'm your girl. Dates, deadlines, lists, organizations, planning (even for coders.. which is not the easiest thing in the world to do)... its all gravy.

Personal related "to-do" lists... well that my friends is an entirely different story. I am leaving on Wednesday to go home from Christmas, then leaving from home to go to the BVI's. This involves strategic packing (1- I am a girl, 2- I am a girl who has a thing for fashion.. you do the math), I also need to complete Christmas shopping, the cleaning of the apartment... oh, and finishing up massive amounts of work before my office is closed for a week (yes I love my office).

I had a pretty good plan of attach for this weekend... that would have lead me to complete pretty much everything, and provide me with some breathing room- to focus on work, and relaxing the next few days.

Enter Craig. His middle name is actually "peer-pressure" (I wish that fit better... Craig Peer Pressure McCallion, hmm anyways). Craig + persuasion + snowboarding + edelwise = having a good weekely, while simutaneous getting nothing done.

I am the slack-est photo taker known to man, but here are some iphone photos, to help paint a picture.

Crain and Wayne think they are the coolest. Right.

Craig is addicted to his new camera. I will admit its rad, but its still ridiculous looking.

Speaking of unproductive, two pitchers of beer and shots. Thank you Wes.

-Additional key aspects worth highlighting:
-The romantic candle light, thank you Edlewise and french land.
-Yes, that guys shirt does indeed say playerville.
-That Wayne's name, in reality, is apparently Eric.

Thanks all for now!


  1. GoPro Hero Cam? Siiick! We got one to strap on boats and do some in boat video! They're awesome.

  2. Interesting Story... I found a few mistakes in it though that I thought I would point out
    1. The name is Craig "the truth'' McCallion - its not peer-pressure I am just speaking the truth
    Craig + persuasion + snowboarding + edelweiss = FUN!
    2. Everything got done and your now in the BVI's so ya.. plenty of time to go snowboarding with the crew
    3. Wayne and I don't think we are cool.... WE KNOW!
    4. Two pitchers + shots = productivity. Look it up... its science
    5. Of course their is a romantic candle.. what's more romantic than snowboarding with 6 dudes
    6. We where in frenchland aka Playersville so the shirt was very appropriate
    7. Eric is just a made up name his parents gave him... Wayne is his real name
    8. Justin if you want to borrow the GoPro just let me know. That thing is super fun!

    Thats all for now