Wednesday, November 11

out of season,

We are slowly working our way towards the winter season...!

However, as it stands I will be going to the British Virgin Islands post Christmas for New Years and to visit Justin, needless to say I am tad bit excited. For those of you who don't know what the bvi's look like, they look a little something like this:
Terrible right? In addition, I get to sleep on a sweet sail boat which is nothing if it is not completely appropriate.

Now that that this post has been slightly put into context, let me bring forth the point(s) of it:
a) Victoria Secret= best.
b) Bathing suit "season" over Christmas = no winter hibernation.
c) "A" new bathing suit seems acceptable. Specifically the one highlighted below:
Best new bathing suit...? I think it just might be.
Studs make everything a little better (for this season at least).

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