Wednesday, November 18

Nice style,

To be completely honest I found these awhile ago and forgot to blog about them, now I have forgotten where I found them... I know, I know, I am slacking.
Work has been eating up a lot of my time lately, I will try to keep on top of this too. For now check out these photos, this chic has great style.
I am not entirely sure as to why (many) guys are so against the high wasted look.
It helps a girl out, makes her legs look longer, and or helps give her some shape- so be nice.
This outfit is fantastic.
I realize the abundance of coats that are currently in my possession, but this one is great.
Work it out, skirts and tights are pretty much the uniform of my office. I know, jealous?
Black and gray, my favourite.
Not to mention the gold, and excessive bracelets. Nicely done.
C'est tous,


  1. i love high waists, but i agree that most of my amigos don't. weird.

  2. Most guys don't because it somewhat creates a mom butt to 90% of wearers.