Tuesday, November 24

new addition to the blog roll;

This it Besty, she went to the same University that I did and has one of the greatest blogs.
Huge fan of this girls style... check out the blog for yourself right here. Want to know a bit more? I stole her "about" section, check it out down below here.
Happy days,

I'm Betsy; a 22 year old Canadian currently living in Orange County, California. Recently married, and very happy about it, my husband and I made the move for his job. I love the sun, but I miss weather. I miss layering to be precise.

A graduate of the political science program at the University of Ottawa, I tend to read more fashion journals than international ones. It may have been a downfall for 4 years, but now I get to be guilt-free! I love the color black, exposed zippers and jumpers. Ridiculous collection? Maybe.

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