Friday, November 13

Liking right now; things and tunes.

1. No, not smoking. but I dig the pink lips and the sparkles.
2. Her hair, a lot.
3. Im too indecisive for a tattoo, but remembering yourself seems legit.
4. Drinking in dangerous places...well not so much, I just really enjoy this photo.
5. Everything about this. The photo, the bike-thing, the hair, the old school hollywood glasses... and it makes me want to go to Europe, though I have no idea where this was shot.
6. Again, not the smoking but her rings are incredible. I think this photo may have been up here before, but her rings are really just that good.
7. Seems like there is a pattern here eh? Tattoos, smoking... I really want neither, but I like this.
8. Hat, make-up, hair, good.
9. This song: Justice and Wale Dance. Its good, I like it. It is perfect for Friday afternoon at office- well at my office- you can grab it here.

10. The hood internet mix tape 4 is out, get it here. I haven't really listened to it yet but sometimes there are good things to be had.

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