Monday, November 9

The food & wine show: recap

As mentioned in a few posts previous to this, there was a little trip to the food and wine show. A few of us were new to this concept; however, being the bright young bunch that we are- everyone was quick to catch on.
I failed miserably (yet again), and forgot my digital camera at home. The only evidence of the night is limited in its entirety to iPhone photos, apologies for the quality.
Additionally, these photos are a composite of iPhone photos taken by Dan, Shannon, Andrew, Matt, and myself.
Shannon calling Scott's wife for confirmation of a tale...
Keeping it classy, as always.
I like the fools in the background,
There was plenty of tickets for all,
Does Ed Hardy really need to design bottles too? I mean come on... its far past the point of getting out of hand.
Last but certainly not least...
My feet were really hurting from the heels,
Good night, fun night, work night.

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