Friday, November 6

favourite things

Stolen from Jimmy, who apparently stole the idea from Oprah (which really begs the questions: Jimmy why are you watching Oprah?); regardless, here it is as of today:

1. themed parties.
2. sunglasses, general rule of thumb being the bigger the better.
3. random coloured nail polish.
4. boots; especially those that go over the knee.
5. black & gold,
6. wine.
7. snowboarding, in general, all of it.
8. coats.
9. eating out: this includes a bottle for Riesling.
10. Ari Gold,
11. late night conversations.
12. mixing M&M's into my popcorn at the movie theater.
13. london fogs & americano's.
14. christmas.
15. the way everyone has a signature drunk dance;
additionally, how your best friends can always imitate it disturbingly well.
16. the family, and my animals; awww I know right.
17. writing & reading, its good for you, you know.
18. suckers: but the good kinds, where yellow is banana and not lemon.
19. notebooks.
20. and last but not least, the boy in his entirety.

oh- and.. this is terrible:
21. my iphone. I know, I know- but its addictive.


  1. Why didn't you tell me about #12? That one could've been accomplished.

  2. Awwww.... #15 of you is in my head right now. Wish I could have seen that tonight. Fortunately I got to see Scott give you a shoulder ride instead....

    Love you Jones (and I also agree with #21... God DAMN I LOVE MY IPHONE!!!!!!!)

  3. #15 is extremely true.

    Additionally, I am sorry that the shoulder ride was not a good substitute- it was quite enjoyable though.

    iPhone>bbm. its true, just the straight facts.