Wednesday, November 25

Boats, bricktangle, and boys (...oh my?)

This post, as indicated, is a three in one(r).
(1) This kid, Justin...
has set up shop in the BVI's (which I have eluded to in earlier posts). He has decided to go the blog route in terms of relaying his sleep accommodations, adventures, mishaps, and well... submergence into true island life. Oh- and he's down there coaching sailing to youngens, hence "boat" in the title... You guys can check out his blog by clicking ici, or by checking out Wind&Sail over there in the left hand column on my blog.

(2) Justin's photo evoked (somewhat) of an emotional response. More specifically the line of up Mount Gay, Goslings, and I think I am seeing some Vodka, (oh, and Canadian Club perhaps?) ...this has enticed me to share a few quick things.
A significant amount of chairs were sacrificed while the guys (and the honourary members)
occupied that house.
Seriously, it was ridiculous.
Has anyone seen this version of Ben as of late...?
The dozens of texas mickey thursday parties, themed parties, party parties...
this was the bricktangle, in all its glory.
(3) These guys/this house leads me to my third point. They have collectively had a huge impact on the way in which I now know and appreciate Tremblant weekends.
Fine... there are actually four points.... this point leads me to : TREMBLANT makes some snow already. Seriously? Two false opening weekends, is that even allowed?
"According to the trend of recent years, (depending on weather conditions and snowfall) we will allow skiers and snowboarders to ski Mont Tremblant as of December 5! "
I realize you are unable to control mother nature, but seriously... how many times do you need to let a girl down?
Ya dig?