Monday, October 26

Clocktower After Adventure

This past Saturday I had slumber party with Miss Dani, Jessica, and Adam in honour of the 5th Annual Clocktower Rail Jam. Ayrton made it here for the weekend, and the Ottawa crew brought it all together. My little apartment survived the weekend, the riding was rad, the drinks were erm- strong, and I heard the set up was fun; yet another successful pre season event for Craig. Nicely done.
There really wasn't any 1 solid post party plan- needless to say we (collectively speaking) created our own.
I was by no means on camera duty, which was probably for the best seeing as I was dropping things left, right, and centre. Dani on the other hand was game on in the photo department as pre usual. You can check out her after party pics here. If you want to see some of the riding that went down you can do so here along with the results.
Also, I will second Dani's disclosure on the photos from the evening(in regards to us all!). No judging.