Saturday, September 12


I have been kept fairly (ok, very) busy this past week, and yes in Ottawa. There was a lot going on, oh which I rarely remembered to take any picturesof, and/or even have a camera with me; that being said I have a few (very random) one... and thus a few highlights.
(1)I finally got some transportation- it only took four years... but better late then never.
This was for some reason in my parents garage, made more sense then buying one... so ghetto. So rad. Now I just need a lock to get it out of my apartment and I'll be set. Finally mobile...
(2) I went to a "Munny" art show, kind of ridiculous yet impressive. These belong to Jessi and Matt, if you don't know what a munny is just click here to find out.
there was also a guy free hand spray painting a picture of a girl, I'm a douf and forget to take a picture at the very end but the whole thing took about 40 minutes while everyone was standing around talking, craziness- oh, and apparently he sells them for $1000, eish.
(5) Not that exciting but I cleaned up my apt, and I really (once again) acknowledged my lack of art. I finally went out and retrieved some canvases and I am so stoked to do something with them.
I am really quite in love with my apartment, I will eventually get around to posting some photos. Eventually, maybe... once I get some art up and shelves up.
(6) I got Kings of Leon tickets today! I am so super stoked. I have been slightly in love with their music for a respectable period of time now... and am ecstatic to go check it out live... hoping they will play a lot of their old stuff.
I also saw a pirate ship, waterfall, plenty'o places to bike in Ottawa, and had super delicious pho.
Anyway... I will post something of actual interest tomorrow.
Wooo, Mondays!

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