Wednesday, September 23


So, photos; clothes I like, bags I may or may not want, girls I find beautiful, once in a while some design, some interesting spaces, maybe something work related, maybe even something life related. Nothing complicated, nothing to deep, no short stories/novel/essays. Just a few words and some photos. My blog is not overly complex, nor do I want it to be.

I find it interesting that I got teased (...over twitter?) on account of the content with which I choose to fill my blog with; and to be completely honest, that comment entirely got under my skin (kudos, you know who you are). I don't exactly force people to my blog, if anything I discredit it when it comes up in conversation, or brush it off. But lets be honest, people blog- because they like to. Other people look at those blogs- because the are interested, why they are interested may vary depending on the individual but regardless they are interested.

So voila, a post with words, bitching... that is what blogs are meant for right?

Stop hating.

I mean for reals. Its ridiculous. Truth be told I *think* I blog because it give me ability to share things that evoked some form of emotion- whether it is something I love, want, lust for, or hate. Check back if you want to, hate it if you must, but the judging is unnecessary... at least via twitter.
You cannot summarize, capture, nor scrutinize someone based on a simple cms, photos they like, and a handful of words they wrote. Well actually you can, but then what exactly does that say?

Right, so apologies for this post! Tis a rainy day here in Ottawa and it seems like everyone is feeling it.


  1. I happen to love your blog; just FYI.

    Quit hating, haters.

    They obviously took the time to read enough to decide to criticize, and envy the fact you can word phrases properly, properly punctuate and can actually hold peoples' attention.

    I know the feeling, and some people need to find a better hobby than to criticize someone for something they know nothing about.

    Keep the blog updated regularly like you do, because a lot of us enjoy it.

  2. fuck that person.

    i love your blog too.