Wednesday, September 2

Just because I like them,

I have been going through a, slightly obsessive, photo crazy as of late.

There is no particularly novel, profound, or life changing rationale behind it (...well not yet) but this explains my lack of words... it also might have something to do with the fact that I haven't taken the time to sit down and actually put pen to paper, or I suppose in this case we should say fingers to keys. (bad, bad, bad).

Regardless, here are a few words... and more photos which I enjoy. I am beginning to see a pattern amongst what catches my eye.

Additionally and completely unrelated too all the content in here... thanks (a lot) to everyone who has been encouraging me to start watching entourage.
- I have started.
- It is taking over my twitter feed.
- I have maybe seen to many episodes already this week...and would like to see more.
- I have realized I work for a man who seems to be Ari & Mr. Big (sex in the city... I even get called "kid"... hey kid, thank kid you know, and if you do not go watch an episode) mashed together. [ it makes for a very interesting combination]
- I wouldn't mind an Escalade, a posse, or a driver.
- I heard a reference being echanged in relations to the publicist..

that is enough ramblings for now.
have a happy wednesday :)
almost long weekend time!
side note: I get to escape to Haliburton in two days!.. sunshine, amazing food, swimming, campfires, smores, & three of my favouritest people of all time.
I can't wait.


  1. Three Fav people? Let me guess....

    1. Howard Schultz
    2. Kate Moss
    3. The Olsen Twins (I counted them as one because they are twins)

  2. 1) only if he supplies breakfast.
    2) acceptable
    3) you need to go back to basic math class. but alas maybe that is the musician in you adding.