Wednesday, September 9

I eat like a king, it is actually ridiculous.

I have eaten lavishly for quite some time now (ie all of university), I owe a lot of this (and a lot of thanks) to Justin. He has spoiled me pretty seriously as of late, I am very appreciative for this, and have a few random photos, though I honestly am lucky enough to eat like this every night he is here.
That being said, we cannot forget Mr. Daniel and Mr. Dave. They too know what's up when it comes to good eating. Dave holds it down in Ottawa and Dan makes me want to go enjoy late night ventures in Toronto. I have luckily managed to pick up quite a bit of information from all these guys. You guys rock.
Roasted red pepper, prosciutto, grana padano, mozzarella, fresh basil;
oh and homemade tomato sauce.
So insanely delicious.
Bacon wrapped pork tenderloin with peach compote.
Arugula salad with pear, prosciutto, & grana padano.
Ooh Justin knows what's up.
Ayrton over looks delicious rotisserie chicken cottage styles.
Eggs benny anyone?
From scratch, courteous of Daniel on the deck a la cottage.
Tomato, cucumber salad with red onion and mint..I think a la Justin.
Tomato and avocado salad with ricotta.
Ricotta and almond stuff chick breast.
There was some sort of sauce that came along with this, but this is from quite awhile ago. Regardless it was delicious, and it was this way all thanks to Dave.

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