Tuesday, August 18


It was (finally) gorgeous here this weekend!
This is actually the first full weekend I have stayed put in Ottawa... craziness.
I went on a walking adventure (all day long) with Miss Jess. She brought me to quite a few cool little shops that I had previously been oblivious too.
I liked this one a lot, sorry for the shoddy iPhone photos- actually I guess they could be worse. They at least can give you something visual to look at, and a sense of what the store is like.
(Clearly I am still digging my Quad Cam application...)
As their site states, they are down with the rock n' roll tea party vibe- take that as you would like. The shop is full of lots of cute little things, interesting pieces, and pretty jewelry. If you live in Ottawa (or like to shop online), are steezy, and want some variety this place is a cool spot to check out.
like it says check this little boutique out; you can do so by clicking here.
We also wandered to Stella for lunch.
We lunched on their roof top patio, it was device. Roof top patios serve as a prime location for people watching; creepy? a little, but we all do it- time to step down off your pedestal.