Wednesday, August 19


I haven't lived in Whistler, or Australia for that matter- but I've heard it confirmed time after time.
"pashing" = "making out".
It is brought to a whole new level with the introduction of discopashing.
Yup- making out, in a bar! The logic is craziness, I know.
According to Urban Dictionary (only the best resources...).
An australian slang term for kissing with a tongue. Equavalent to the Brittish 'snog'. Abbreviated from the term 'passionate kiss'
Makes total sense, there is no deying that fact; that being said, I think its an awkward word... but it seems to be trendy. I will admit that I really do enjoy the creative combination that is the word discopashing.
That is all, ridiculous and unnecessary I know.
(...and if you did not, know you do!)

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