Tuesday, August 11

one social media business card, to go. (please).

Let me break it down quite simply;
Card.ly lets users create easy to share mini virtual business cards
that contain all necessary info for our social media savy society.
(think twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, e-mail etc...)
The vast majority of us are walking around with our iPhones/
Blackberries, giving us virtually unlimited networking capabilities-
yet we are still giving each other business cards?
I think the concept of having an online, mobile friendly business card
(maybe we need a new application that allows us a virtual rolodex of
all the "virtual e-cards" we collect... as per the hyper link I realize some
do exist, but I am talking virtual e-card specific here) is awesome.
As is my understanding that a lot of companies are on board with
this concept- realistically it makes sense. Cut down the waste and
up the interaction? Sign me up. The best thing with Card.ly is that
they are as much on board with aesthetics as they are with the
You can check it out here.
The screen grabs are just from a demo on the, there are multiple
skin options so you are able to customize your own. If you are really
talented/ have a lot of time on your hands and are down with coding
I'm sure you could create a pretty rad one yourself.
Anyways keep in touch,

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