Sunday, August 9

late night eats; toronto.

what: Poutini's, House of Poutine (/deliciousness.)
where: 1112 Queen St. West
who: post bar hussies and hipsters
when: you've got t'ill 4:00am
how: any which way you can- walk, skip, cab, fixie, helicopter. this really depends on your personal steez.
This was just randomly on their bulletin board, I just thought it was cute.
I really enjoy the crazy wall paper ( which you can check out in the first photo). I spend a lot of time in Quebec and at various ski resorts during the winter. I feel as though I have logged enough hours to earn poutinecred, giving me the ability to vouch for this poutine.
The gravy was legit & the cheese squeaked.
Its all in the squeak.