Wednesday, July 22

sienna me this,

Personally, I'm more of a bathing-suit-sand-and-beach kind of girl.
Mind you, Sienna can wear whatever she wants where ever she wants- I mean seriously the girl could at least give the rest of us a fighting chance.
Anyways, I would like to know where one finds these jeans.
Someone told me last week that I may have been born in the wrong decade, and you know what,  maybe they are right.... regardless skinny, cigarette, acid wash? 
Yes please. 
Speaking of beach, I am off on a little adventure this weekend.  I am just the tinniest bit excited- in saying that, maybe mother nature and whoever she plans out our weather with could get together over drinks and decide to give us a break... and lay off the rain already.
As a random addition, this photo is from her twitter account (yea... I know, I know) which you can check out right here

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