Friday, July 24

Mad Hatter

I realize that this whole fedora hat trend is pretty visible to anyone and everyone. I would just to reinforce the fact that I am stoked on it. 
I would also like to throw this fast fact out there- they don't like getting soaking wet in the rain. As obvious as this may be, well I ruined mine. Genius.  
I also just really like this photo. Here are a few end notes to leave you with,
1) get a hat
2) don't wear it in the rain (...which means you might need to relocate if you currently reside in      the Ottawa area, and are interested in ever wearing a hat, or enjoy sunshine. ever. ) 
3) enjoy your weekend! I intend to, hopefully I will have some awesomeness to write about   
     when I get back from my adventure. 
4) (completely and utterly unrelated to the above mentioned notes) check out chill out   sessions 10- Ministy of Sound. Its pretty chilled out for lack of creativity and motivation to write a more detailed review. 


  1. hi mallory!!
    just wanted to say, that i am following your blog; officially!! i didn't know you blogged til i was checking out your hot new profile photo on the book of face and noticed the website section of your info!

  2. ps: also a fan of the fedora craze. best part is, living in peterborough...when i walk down the street wearing one, a million other people aren't.