Saturday, June 20

twitter me this.

I had to recently set up a twitter account for what is soon to be my new employer (yup, its back to Ottawa for me). I don't entirely "get" twitter (yet), but I definitly understand its potential usefulness... Anyway, there are a lot of interesting people you can "follow" on twitter (I'm still learning all this twitter-age..)- so I figure why not check out Karl Lagerfeld? Now I realize the term badass, or the desire to be badass seems to be high on peoples list of things to do (or it is entirely possible that it is just the diluted desire of some friends...). Regardess I have heard the term thrown around quite a bit lately. I also understand that there is no one definition of badass, however I feel as though I have discovered an excellent representation of this state of being. Exhibit #1:

Notice anything somewhat peculiar? Lets try again.. To have that many people following you, and not have the desire to follow anyone back is simply outstanding.

Now that truely is badass. But hey- it is Karl Lagerfeld after all.