Monday, May 25

venti, non-fat, no foam, no water, 6 pump, extra hot, chai tea latte.

This is a tad passe but at the Dsquared² Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear show, one of the most ubiquitous accessories ever was thrown on the runway for the first time.

I have seen people blog about it, seen the paparazzi catch celebs on film with it; I have even seen it sitting on my desk at some point during the work day.

Lets all officially welcome Starbucks to the fashion world.

Dsquared² seemed to have been inspired by the messy-grunge-thrown-together ensembles of the rich and famous. Think long scarves, large sunglasses, and random thrown together combinations of fabrics, textures, colours, and patterns. Oh- and lets not forget the ubiquitous status-statement Starbucks cups- oh or the staple Blackberry.

Apparently the addition of the Starbucks cup and/or Blackberry to the models ensembles help potential shoppers visualize themselves in the designers clothes. You can check all all the shots here.

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