Monday, April 27


At work there are a few girls getting ready to take their mat leave. One way or another a few of them got into a conversation about the meaning of names, and if it should be taken into account when choosing one for your child. This is by no means something that has ever crossed my mind, but I thought it was kind of interesting in a strange way. (It might have just been the fact that the topic seemed like such a life or death matter in their eyes, I'm not judging- just observing). I will admit that I was secretly hoping that the chatting group would conclude that meanings are irrelevant because, well, that would be kind of sucky for myself. Please see below: Origin:French Meaning: Luckless Additional info: Transferred use of the English surname, derived from the Old French meaning "luckless, unfortunate". As a surname, famous bearers include Thomas Malory, author of 'Le Morte Darthur', and mountaineer George Mallory who died during an attempt to scale Mount Everest. It is unknown whether George Mallory reached the summit, had he done so then he would have been the first person to climb to the peak of Everest. Ouch. I'm not sure what the chatting little group ultimately decided, but I decided (for my sake, and my parents sake...) that its silly. I will point out that there is a small amount of irony in how things seem to be panning out lately for myself but summer is coming which means change. Music tastes seem to shift, perhaps an entirely new wardrobes emerge and well, no more socks. You can check your name here. Maybe you will find out something about yourself that you didn't know, m.

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